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We spend a third of our lives working.   We believe that this time should be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding.   Working at IDT will give you exposure to activities which extend well beyond your Job Description.

We occasionally recruit full-time employees to work in technical roles.  We also occasionally take on placement students for short periods to work on specific projects.   Any vacancies will be posted on this page and may be promoted through the careers departments at universities in the North East of England.

Please feel free to send in a CV at any time.   We may ask you to complete an application form.

We do not have any current vacancies

Please read the following carefully

If you send us a CV this is your opportunity to sell your skills to us.


We often get CVs which spread over 4 or 5 pages yet tell us little of value about the candidate. As a result we cannot tell whether they would enjoy working with us or even how suitable they would be.

Please fit your CV to two pages maximum.   Please tell us about your degree project.   What was its title? What languages, development environments or hardware platforms did you use?


If your degree is in electronics it helps if we know what hardware platforms you have worked on. What circuits have you designed?

If your degree is in software engineering then please tell us what languages you know and what applications you have developed/maintained.


If you are at school or a student studying anything other than computing then learn to code or get a Raspberry Pi.   There are plenty of free learning resources on the web (such as and you will be more useful to a prospective employer.

If you are a student think about setting up a webpage to showcase your project work and demonstrate your technical skills.

We do not offer placements to anyone under 18 years old.


If we ask you to come for an interview please be prepared to answer questions about your relevant work history or any projects you may have done as a student.

No agencies please.

Thank you for visiting our site.

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